Reel 2019


"Pawel & Ebola" by Marianna Ellenberg at The Kitchen, NYC.


"The Three Year Clock" by Sam Roeck at 205 Hudson Gallery, NYC. 


"Mouth" by Maja Čule at Arcadia Missa, London.


"Ward of the Feral Horses" by Orit Ben-Shitrit at EMPAC, NY.


“Nature Boy” written & directed by Annelise Ogaard.


"Permanent Caterpillar" written & directed by Normandy Sherwood at The Brick, NYC.


“Debbie Does Dilators”written & directed by Savannah Magruder.


"The Record" by 600 Highwaymen at The Invisible Dog & The Public Theater, NYC.


Headshots by Maria Baranova.


Headshots by David Noles.